Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Odd Ode to Clogspot.

It's very weird to stumble upon your own blog. The mouse moves of its own accord (could one use a mouse for a Ouija board session, I wonder curiously with a shudder) and clicks on the link. Last years entry stares back at me with vacant eyes, like a puppy who has been left in an enclosed boarding kennel with too little interaction. Unclogged, dispirited with the slightest frown, not frowning too much lest I sigh and not write another post again.

Oh you poor blog. I will write here again. The other blog didn't mean a thing to me besides work, and I am writing on there just to increase traffic. There was no passion, it was technical and factual and literal. It saw neither my rhymes nor my incomplete sketches or impassioned rants. I have been working hard to save up so I can live with you comfortably some day, and spend alot of time with you without worrying about whether I can afford enough red bull or beer or chocolate cake to inspire me to write everyday. I have also been working hard on wondering where we could settle together, there are so many options and I want to do whats good for you.

So here, this odd ode to you with neither rhyme nor verse but dedicated entirely to you, my inspiration and light at the end of this disco tunnel that brims with distractions!