Monday, April 6, 2009

A Shopaholics Solution

We just found out this morning that the price of redbull has increased from .500 fils to .750 fils. Pangs of guilt immediately shot up from my feet that were precariously perched on the new 17KD stilettos I picked up yesterday. I was definitely the only one at Marina mall yesterday who owned more bags than I could carry. I spent 101.500 K.D (350$) at H&M on 3 pairs of shoes, three blouses, two brightly coloured chillax (so chilled out + relaxed bottoms that they are) pants, a gorgeous A-Line skirt, 10 pairs of socks, two belts and some bangles. (More pictures coming up later) It felt really good until I received the sms alert I subscribed for that tells me if there's any action on my debit card. Ouch, when I realized my balance. It's not bad, but I still need to do a Euro Trip and I'm trying to work my way into getting some more days off by catching up with a client in Egypt.

I know that I cant go cold turkey off shopping for long, but I haven't yet discovered anything else that gives me the satisfaction like the materliastic superficiality of new clothes! So, I'm going to act on an impulse. Actually it's not an impulse as I've been sitting on this idea for a very long time. I'm going to send a fashionista friend I once modelled with a bunch of pictures from my wardrobe from shoes to belts to accessories so she knows what I have/like, my measurements and some money. She lives in Mumbai, India and I know that for 101.500 KD, I would get double the amount of stuff and twice as interesting as well. I know a better solution would be to just shut it and stop spending, but hey, you can't stay so depressed and deprive your self of new things in these glum times. Sometimes its novelty that keeps us buoyant and distracted and encouraged, you know? God forbid I loose my job, but hoping that doesn't happen I think it's just time to cut down and slash the budget than cease and desist altogether.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The perfect Gift for a Woman

Some people buy you what they want for themselves as a gift for you. Projected wants and needs, I guess. A few people painstakingly rummage through your emails and desks or drawers and wardrobe to figure out what you don't have but really need. A few others actually pay attention to the small details about you, and remember what you say and don't forget for that silly wish you made for something really cheap that one time. Some buy you nothing. I have to buy gifts for three women, two birthdays and one goodbye, and I didn't have the faintest clue. I just came across this page and I think I can no longer be categorized in any of the above.

Please note that my title is completely and utterly sarcastic and if you do actually buy this, you're just plain stupid. What the .....!