Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Heat is On

The phone beeps a message alert. I am expecting it to be one of those silly arabic adverts that you get every second hour when you are expecting that one very important message. Naw, it's M. She wants to know if I'll be hauling my hiney for the rooftop BBQ @ a common friends tonight. I want to ask her if she knows how hot it is! The fact that he lives by the beach may make a great view, but the sea being right there also makes the vicinity humid as hell. And no, I've not been to hell but a humid hell just makes a great alliteration. Either way I oughtta get my vegetated cabbage of an ass out of this sunken sloth on this couch and do something that actually seems productive to ease my silly workaholic conscience.
I was wondering if it was just me or if the summers in Kuwait are getting a tad bit more scorching and the winters just shorter. Either way, now that Ramadan is coming up we (when I say we I bet I mean the whole of Kuwait) hope some hint of winter waddles through on a cool cool breeze. Work hours are gonna be fewer and I would love to frolick around in great weather; and since many here will be starving, tired and some probably grumpy with their self imposed fast for the month I'm sure they'd agree that it better friggin cool down soon . I am excited even about considering what I will do with the extra hours! I'll probably do the same thing as Fridays though, which includes more junk food and blending into the furniture exclusively in front of the big screen, but for right now, there is hope to do stuff!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Interesting Internet Links

After my brand new and only reader, Jared suggested I indulge in exactly what I wanted to in this blog, I decided to heed his sage advice and plunge into incessant rants immediately.
First I shall rave about one awesome website I found during my aimless online wanderings. You have to hit jackpot when the history of your recent pages for one day is longer than China's great little wall. Now keeping in mind that the definition of awesome varies relatively, here is the website I speak of I have surfed it for 3 hours and have never been more encouraged in my quest to learn different languages with an interactive community. It has tests, records of your study of every language in every form, chatting with other students with compatible interests and basically everything it needs to have. I have never come across a site such as this on the subject so easily with such a simple interface. I signed up for French, Arabic and German and offered help in english. Already did one test and have received some feedback. Will let you know how that continues.

Okay, my love for watching random series for free online had me exploring what free tv had in store. And came across this.
Scandallous, independent, bold, daring and foreign. I only saw the first seven episodes but you immediately fall in love with the character and empathize and understand. It's based on some chics true stories that she has down here Hats off to ya, chica!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cloning, Lack of Animal Rights and other things ridiculous.

I cannot consolidate all my fury into an apt but short title! I could not google any satisfying information at all on why they cannot be banned from doing this.
Whilst the shelters leak puppies and brim cats, along bounces RNL Bio, cloning away a Booger for a lady who missed her pit bull terrier enough to clone it. It's not like it pops out like Booger where she left him off, these are brand new puppies which she paid a merry 50,000 $ and its not like you can clone personality. It is like adopting just another pit bull terrier from her neighbourhood shelter, or maybe from one in the next state. Of course its not just another gene that belongs to these dogs, but if you have that much to spend on cloning- can't you just be unselfish and adopt 12 such dogs that are homeless or start a shelter in your dogs name? If your dog had a soul, wouldn't it feel nicer about something beneficial lingering on earth in its name rather then wannabe replacements? When our dog Bingo died, my brother in law named this design after her, which wasnt made in time to save her but can save and offer comfort to many others.
I would think what needs to be cloned are the endangered species, apparently cloning a gaur failed badly in 2001. In the same year, a European Mouflon was apparently successfully cloned though. Google is not the most helpful, but I hope this can be used for the right purposes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Salwa, Block 4, Street 4

I sit here eyes glazed, watching as the idea aims lassoes at me. Misses. I have never been anything else besides a perfect pendulum, and oscillated between the majority of major decisions. I can't swallow change easy, I just gargle it in my mouth for a while until I'm forced to spit it out or swallow it. Now wouldn't that just make the worst quote if I did something accidental enough to make me famous? Pray forgive my seeming negativity, it really isn't me- but it's a great vent and sarcasm tickles me in funny places. I even paused a great movie by Miyazaki to write this down.
The phone beeps. It's the third person asking me to join them indulge in the exciting evening life in Kuwait, but my feet seemed to have forgotten to ask me before they turned into roots, so Idecline.
I flip a coin. Heads- Block 4 matchbox house, or Tails- stay here till she leaves. Tails. but when will she leave? Will I still be sane then? My eyes glaze. The wall stares at me, boring holes at the back of my head; scandalized by the fact that I stalled my plan to drape its nakedness with my 6 x 6 NYC photograph. I let it continue looking wide and tall and uninterrupted in its plainness thinking more and more that I will leave my fate to a coin. Money wont let me down.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dream, dream, Dream!

I am still wallowing in an unnecessary and melodramatically listless phase. Despite finding my prodigal camera and the elusive missing keys.

I have been reading up on Lucid Dreaming, though I would suggest you look up either of the Pavlina's for great free reading. I've been trying to get it going pretty unsuccessfully, mostly so I could hopefully tune into the collective subconscious of the real estate agencies in Kuwait to find one bloody good apartment worth the money. Or maybe float through their database in my dreams and change the rents to something not so severely inflated it would be a helium balloon if I tried to give it form! Okay so its not possible at that level, but it gives me great solace to think about it. I have been searching for some very elusive stimuli to act as catalyst to my life. If another person says that I need to look within me, I will go to a store, buy an umbrella and beat that person with it. I looked inside me already, there's enough of nothing there to use that umbrella seiously.

I've been trying to lucid dream and have been using all the principles wikipedia suggests will trigger it; amazingly enough all I seem to be doing is sleeping so well that I cant even remember my dreams let alone take the reigns and make them giddyap into my fantasies. Persistence. I'm looking forward to go home and sleep after work! It aint gonna do wonders for my social life, but this is one successful plan to save money!