Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The May Experiment!

This May this empty clogspot features a brand new experiment that shoveled itself to my doorstep and pleaded with me to house it all this month! It all started with my fascination with all the available applications for my Samsung Galaxy and after reading about a Steve Pavlina article on initiating change, I found Livelist. His simple philosophy suggests you take up those hobbies you love for only 30 days and then, well, they turn into habits and Livelist allows you to make various lists and then you can tick them off as and when done and sort them alphabetically and all that nonsense. Works like a charm in conjunction!

So one of the lists is the varied things I need to do on a per day basis. A certain amount of reading, doodling some, getting the cats to exercise using catnip (my brilliant idea!), an hour of exercise, writing in the journal and a whole amount of other things that I try to squeeze into the day. Day 10 and while I have slipped twice and zoned out instead, the rest of the days have been busy, interesting and insanely productive! I have been writing on the memo part of the phone, but will start updating this here blog instead more often instead! :-) Happy Tuesday People!