Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday Worthy

I hate the monotony of regular days when life turns into a drone. You do the same things over and over again that you cannot landmark your days as they all seem the same, living a repetitive series of Deja Vu. I was afraid Friday would be like that but it was one of the most wonderful weekends I've had here.

We went to the Animals Friends League in the morning (by which I mean half past 11) and were engulfed by these bounding, happy smiles all wrapped up in innocence. I was frolicking with four legged bundles of joy!!!!! We just had the wholesome goodness of pure innocent fun with floppy ear-red fluff balls! We just hung in the courtyard and got out a couple of dogs it was so cool, just chilled out there until someone dragged me out kicking and screaming! I found the love of my life, his name is Ninja and he was shorter than the blades of grass!!!!! :-)

Sometimes you need something pure and real to get you back to the ground. People who don't have pets probably go for a confession, and people who have no pets and aint christian probably try to get it from nature- a pure cleansing ritual. Not all of us have at least one of these options. And now, since I feel like sounding like an advertisement, AFL is the answer. Hah but it was, we left some 3 odd hours later, happy, fuller people, grateful that there was a corner in this country where you could feel real again.

In the evening, we went to the Kuwait Riding Centre in Sabhan. There was a horse jumping tournament that we almost completely missed because I was lost in the stables speaking to those sturdy enormous horses in puppy language. There was more than 50 horses, and I hear the owners spend 150 KD per month to keep them here. The horses are imported from various places, but especially Europe. There was a fantastic crowd and after the race was over there was a little get together with the Kuwaiti singer and this guy playing the " Oudh" (sp?) while everyone feasted on food from Mais Alghanim.

If clubbing was legal here, I would have been a hungover vegetable to have the best animal day ever!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I facebooked him, then I yahooed his ass and finally friggin googled him to pieces.

How can you not manage to exist! How will I find you again?

The Destruction Of Man

I don't know how I am going to brush this up into what I wanted it to look like, but this here is the gyst of it. Perceive at will.

Dusk on a Weekday

There is nothing like it. To float in the lukewarm ocean and stare at the sky on a weekday. From the corner of my eye, I see the sun spraying out violent colors of yet another sunset. The beach is empty save for a couple of people far enough away to be just specks, and not people. Cradled by a bed of water, I hear something plop by my left ear. I don't quite care, I'm just singing out loud every second song that comes to my mind and floating there, face to the gods, watching the cottonball sky gradually drench with dark.

I look towards my friend, and he is far out in the distance flopping around making like a dolphin and trying to impress some imaginary girl in the distance. I swim over but halfway through realize that the stamina of a smoker is not the most dependable. It wasnt funny at all to realize it was deeper than the whole 5'7' of me and that my underdeveloped and unrehearsed poodle paddle wasnt keeping me up too long. My buddy wades over, in slow motion that I can only conclude was deliberate, and pitches me towards the shore, afloat on my own again. It's dark and I'm beginning to itch. We fathom those little jellyfishies exiled a disobedient tentacle that passed us by as we trudge out of the water and drape our drenched selves over the beach chairs. Night is falling and tummies start growling. Time to leave the Shaab Beach Club and seep into the snail paced traffic of Gulf Road, blending into one of everyone else; in a hurry to get from somewhere to somewhere else. The engine revs.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sky and Sea and Solitude.

I have Coldplay droning in my ears loud enough to drown the spastic cackling secretary. There is nothing to concentrate on except trying not to fall asleep. Right now, I belong out there, in the world, in an animated suspended laboratory that experiments how to make something new and invisible. Boxed in a windowless office with a stereotypical designation; instead of unfurling as the potential Fluff Roller or Pin Spinner that I could have been. Given titles; mere syllables that have drawn boundaries around what we want to do and where we think we can go.

I want to go to the beach right now and just float in the water. Sky Starer. Sea Sleeper. Silent Slusher. My friend just called to say he'd pick me up, and I'll give him one minute to be convinced to go swim at the cheap ass place next to the Corniche :-]

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gangre(e)ned my Brains.

Thoughts slurred, before they melted. Drip.



Dripped into fast forward motion then into a tumultuous and stormy cauldron and in the blink of an eye; hypothesis and suppositions put in came out as full grown concepts.