Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sky and Sea and Solitude.

I have Coldplay droning in my ears loud enough to drown the spastic cackling secretary. There is nothing to concentrate on except trying not to fall asleep. Right now, I belong out there, in the world, in an animated suspended laboratory that experiments how to make something new and invisible. Boxed in a windowless office with a stereotypical designation; instead of unfurling as the potential Fluff Roller or Pin Spinner that I could have been. Given titles; mere syllables that have drawn boundaries around what we want to do and where we think we can go.

I want to go to the beach right now and just float in the water. Sky Starer. Sea Sleeper. Silent Slusher. My friend just called to say he'd pick me up, and I'll give him one minute to be convinced to go swim at the cheap ass place next to the Corniche :-]

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