Thursday, October 30, 2008

Motivation and Time management tools

Distracted? Demotivated? Listless? The usual stimuli that inspired you doesnt work anymore? Here's some new ways you can rekindle your love for work, at work.

Yahoo Widgets: The widget is by Martin Koistinen. Customize the quotes to what works for you. I use it with a transparent background so it doesnt interrupt whatever I'm doing on the screen but the red bold font can still haunt me from the corner of my eye. One of the statements I put in: " Shut that Facebook Page Now" works like a charm. Another one, " Are YOU doing something time-worthy RIGHT NOW?!?" spurs some action too. Though I'd advise taking a break from it when you realize 've gotten immune to it/

Set timed goals. Not just long term goals, but super short term goals works as well! Action Day online is a great concept!
A group of people arrange to check in at a certain time each hour. For example, at 13 minutes after the hour.
Every time you check in, you briefly report what you’ve done in the last hour. Then you promise the group what you’ll do in the next hour.
You start to learn about how different some people’s lives can be.
Thats an edited excerpt from Though the author doesnt have it often, you can initiate it with some strangers online through chat.

I think the effective time tracker I haven't found yet would guilt me better into doing what I have to. In the meantime, I'll waste my time seeking out ways not to get distracted and be more productive.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time Travel.

Thats what I feel like I did. Skipped to the present from the day I had written that list.
All of us have at some point come across some material we wrote last year whether it was a list of goals,or the last update of our CV, scribbled caricatures denoting insignificant insights or bills of something totally useless. I was staring at 07's goals list with utterly glazed eyes; blinded for a moment by the reality of how long ago it was and how many hours I had actually procrastinated and whiled away unproductively, though the unaccomplished amount of tasks would make you think I wrote it yesterday. Okay, it wasnt thaaaat bad for me. I have achieved some things since, but it 've easily taken 20% of the time to do it, and it could've been more than 50% of the list. I'm apparently not Wonderwoman, darn it. Since it isn't someone else's fault I won't rant and rave about it, but I'll get verbose about the few shiny accomplishments in later posts; which really buys me time to race through the list and finish some more.
I'm gonna make Goals 09 right now so it guilts me into a week of spurred action somewhere next year!