Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time Travel.

Thats what I feel like I did. Skipped to the present from the day I had written that list.
All of us have at some point come across some material we wrote last year whether it was a list of goals,or the last update of our CV, scribbled caricatures denoting insignificant insights or bills of something totally useless. I was staring at 07's goals list with utterly glazed eyes; blinded for a moment by the reality of how long ago it was and how many hours I had actually procrastinated and whiled away unproductively, though the unaccomplished amount of tasks would make you think I wrote it yesterday. Okay, it wasnt thaaaat bad for me. I have achieved some things since, but it 've easily taken 20% of the time to do it, and it could've been more than 50% of the list. I'm apparently not Wonderwoman, darn it. Since it isn't someone else's fault I won't rant and rave about it, but I'll get verbose about the few shiny accomplishments in later posts; which really buys me time to race through the list and finish some more.
I'm gonna make Goals 09 right now so it guilts me into a week of spurred action somewhere next year!

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