Saturday, June 7, 2008

What it's like to work Saturdays....

I've plugged in some u2 in my ears to block out the silence. It's so quiet to work on a saturday that you could hear a pin drop on a Persian carpet. My colleagues heady perfume is probably the loudest thing that could happen today.

But honestly, I don't mind working Saturdays.

Trudging out of bed at 9. Empty roads on the way to work. Pajamas. Donut. The fact that I can stay how long I want to makes me want to work faster, longer. Everythng is to the point - Spewing out this post. That facebook message. The bid. The calls to the client. Sharp. Cut to fit. I'm not obliged to stay here, so I'm actually doing it willfully and efficiently. It's unique to be one of the few to have a purpose today and feel productive at the end of the day. So Tally ho, hoes; I be whistling away at work! :-)

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