Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get yourself inspired.

Now if there was something that could be bottled, patented and made a million dollars off of, it would be some guaranteed solution to providing inspiration. Or motivation. Or anything that makes you bloody get up and go!

If there's a lack of anything right now, what with the dormant lethargic market; it's interest. Also, a good time to get up and go do that something that you pretended you didnt have time to do before.

It could be a cardinal sin to underestimate how one person's motivation could influence others, and in a full fledged cycle go around to inspire the first person back again when their energy would be at burn out point.

But that's what support groups are about, ain't they? And there is indeed truth in the phrase; Birds of a feather do flock together! But some of us can't leave the choices we have made in friends and loved ones; family is not a choice and may not share the same "feather" even though have the same blood type. If you can't change the kind of people you hang out with, at least make sure you spend alot of time with the kind of people you want to be like. Invest in figuring out better time management. They're not far away, and they can influence you, inspire you. Just start by sending out those vibes first so they come back to you.


Melanie D said...

well said!

mo.stoneskin said...

"family is not a choice"

So very true!