Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I havent gone home for a week because I was afraid my brain would pop out of my head in boredom, turn around, look at me in the eye, screech and then shrivel and just die. Today I figure I've been out, doing things that have pretty much begun to saturate and infuriate me anyway. So instead of subjecting myself to any more gallivanting around, or coffee induced conversations or couch crashing, I'm gonna impose some me-time on myself. (Speaking off, are there words for "stimuli" when its effect has worn off? Or a "drug" that ones system is immune against? Things that no longer fulfil their purpose or such unfortunate synonyms? )
I do have a stack load of things that I find interesting, but the only challenge is the attention span I possess that resembles the same of a two year old. Maybe three, but thats it. I think its time to play Dr Phil against myself and do the obvious. Time for self-arrest and probably six posts throughout the evening, ha.

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