Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Right Place, The Right Time- makes the Right Belief.

Your choice of religion will be that belief that coincidentally crosses your path when you need it the most. Many others will hover and sway around you, but the only one you will notice is the one that happens to be "lucky" enough to be in the foreground og your attention when you are seeking a rope to grope on to.

Whichever religion this will be, since you have actively chosen it (if you do choose religion that is- you could choose to grapple and find lots of other ways- drugs, psychiatry, etc) you will utilize it for all its got, and such faith can propel anything to happen. That belief will end up being the right one that will work for you, because you have enough conviction in you to passionately make it happen simply because of the circumstances involved.

I have shunned religion for quite a while because I don't quite like the boundaries they draw. They only purpose they seemed to have were to be moral police for society in general, and for the satisfaction of the conscience in an individual. Also, the blind faith usually allows them to channelize their beliefs way better to actually alter the state of current existence to get them what they want. Which is way tougher to do when you believe it the way I do, a lazily aware attempt. Anyways it's the right place and the right time for me finally; and I have stumbled upon a beautiful consolidation of my beliefs. Well, I hope actually, as I am only in the initial stages of understanding it and only know its gist through reviews.

The only thing that makes a good religion is respect and tolerance of other peoples choice to believe what they want as long as it doesnt effect other people. To each their own, unless they're suicide bombers.

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