Sunday, July 27, 2008

Inspirational Tips for Blog Posts

I had to wrestle a friend of mine to introduce a saucy new blogging feature to me the other day, and it may have just reincarnated my dead interest for blogging. I'm still determined not to join the league of bloggers in kuwait it is insanely tempting- like as if my life depended on it- but I'll refrain and attempt to write self satisfying bullshit over desperately trying to get hits.

Anyway so I was thinking of how to get inspired on how to blog adn ehre's what i came up with:
Come up with controversial titles that would make a 90 year old get a heart attack.
Treat it like a painting if you are an artist, shade it, colour it, give it a finishing stroke. Or like a car if you are a mechanic, listen to how it sounds, tweak it, turn it, oil it up and rev the engine... I could go on, but then you'd bloody get bored. Just pimp it up.
Scan irrelevant documents that you find on your table, or plagiarize your colleagues cool doodle as yours.
Gossip endlessly about your friends and the stoopid things they do
I'm running out of things right now, so I will stop before this list disintegrates into crap.

Come back for more posts!


EXzombie said...

you can always write self satisfying bullshit even when you are in Safat... believe me I know, I've been doing it for the last 4 years.....!!!

EXzombie said...

try beating up my titles......!!!

Asphodel said...

hahah AND im gonna have to watch my grammar now and even avoid typos!! :-)