Monday, November 3, 2008

Rainbow phenomenon in otherwise dreary Kuwait sky

Walked out of my office yesterday and the most gorgeous little- okay not so little really- rainbow streaked through the sky! Okay I know some of you may have loads of Aurora Borealis back at home and see more gorgeous phenomenon.... but it was a Rainbow.... IN KUWAIT!!!!!! Can you tell I don't get enough holidays out of this place?
Either way, the rain was a welcome but that rainbow was the cherry atop the cake.
Just one of those things that make you smile, so I thought I'd catch it with my 2 megapixel
camera heheheh! I'm a sucker for these kind of things, just wanted to share it with y'all! Happy Tuesday People!


CrazyDiamond said...

man, it's been ages since I saw a rainbow. Sigh.

Asphodel said...

Doesnt matter coz YOU can Shine on, Crazzzy Diamond!

Now I'll be playing that album on loop again darn. Hope your travels go well!