Wednesday, December 10, 2008

America's Got Talent: A Mockery of Indian and Pakistani Culture

The three judges from America's got Talent seem to have turned Pakistani and Indian culture into an utter mockery by endorsing the most awful representation of it and addressing it as what it was meant to mock. The second round of Americas Got Talent saw Kashif Memon through; and during the selection of these top 20, they addressed the drudgery spewed by the amateur bollywood wannabe as mesmerizing. Osborne lauded him for bringing his own culture to the show thus dooming the otherwise promising Indian movie industry to be stereotyped as a deadpan, bland international joke. Sources reveal that this may be Pakistan's back up attempt to hit India where it hurts most:- the pelvic moves of the cherished Indian cinema!! If America prefers to watch this act, which belongs to the worst grade of Bollywoods bowels, then their ignorance is befuddling- But this may not be a shiny new fact after an 8 year Bush administration.
Memon put on a deadpan performance botching several Indian dance steps which wound up bearing a resemblance to a bad knee massage, he lacked choreography and had the charisma of a dying rabbit. It seems maybe this show was trying too hard to rival Joshua and Katie's bollywood sequence in So You Think you Can Dance

Now compare that to this please?

It seems that America doesn't really have any talent if their top 20 consists of a Pakistani who lived there for 6 months and is doing a bad imitation of Indian Cinema. I think this calls for damage control from those three dunces (not as much Piers Morgan as the other two, since he at least hit the buzzer during Menons third round) and they should invite Joshua and Katie with another Nakul Dev Mahajan sequence to amend what they wrongly depicted in the last season of the series.


katrocket said...

Kashif is pretty adorable though, you gotta give him that. And the look on Piers' face is priceless.

He's not very good, but you have to remember that Americans really love mindless crap, underdogs, and mediocrity, because it all smacks of their "American Dream". Yeah, I don't get it either - I'm Canadian.

I mean - how else do you explain William Hung? The poor guy was a running joke for 2 years.

This is my first time here (I'm the editor of Fire That Agency) but I like your blog. I've added you to the blogrolls on FTA and Rocketradio.

That painting in your header graphic is absolutely gorgeous - it is yours? It's fantastic!

Asphodel said...

Lol I agree with you them liking mindless crap and being utterly oblivious to reality.....

I wish I did more than only intensifying the colors on photoshop! The painting is by an African Artist called Chidi Okaya...

Wow thanks, I am honored to be added on em!!!!!!! :-)

Wayne John said...

I have no clue what the culture is like on that end of the globe, but I knew that these yahoo's were murdering it right before my eyes.

That joker went way too far with his act and should have got the axe much sooner than he did.

Not all of us enjoy the blather the corporations spit out.