Sunday, December 14, 2008

Geminiac Disfunctionality

I am the gemini child of gemini parents. Even the conspiring astrologists maintain that a gemini horoscope includes a whirlwind personality with no room for boredom. In the past month though, I have been the living proof for the world to have enough reason to tie up these astrologists and punch 'em until they really see stars.

For the last two months, I have been a virtual wanderer, from blog to blog and link to link (and we know how that can be a vortex of a loop, infinite in its continuity especially when you leave the tabs and windows open from yesterdays reckless web surfing). I have been bored to smithereens, and while the astrologers may shake their fists and say it is situational and blame my laissez-faire aka neglectful uninspiring Management; I will merely ..... merely...... merely raise an eyebrow (!) and say that the word situational** was not mentioned beneath the horoscope in fine print. Hah.
Either way, back to reality where I am supposedly solely responsible for said lethargy and lack of focus- I have figured out how to be productive and fight the humdrum conundrum of 9 to 6 again(no, no more aptitude tests)! Since most of my work is done and over with by noon, I am going to pull out my old Business plan from the folder in the folder within the folder behind the folder- obviously a forgotten and far away file, and edit it yet again for what I suppose is the 33rd time. I was meant to kick start this baby when I was 25 and grieved a dead dream on the eve of my birthday. But hey, if I look beyond my melodrama, I still am 25 and have 6 months before that deadline is actually due!
Now, I need to keep reminding myself that I would be proving 'em astrology peeps predictions wrong if I succeed as an entrepreneur!!!!


That damn expat said...

Interesting blog! Add the follower gadget, will ya?

Asphodel said...

OoOOOOoooo Gadgettttt! Been spendin so much time unravellin the mysteries of wordpress to the point of brain explosion (note exaggeration), that I didn't realize all these simple things I could tweak and tack! Thx! :)

That damn expat said...

He he. I wanted to be the first follower but second's just fine too.

Errant Gosling said...

Glad you stopped by, and I agree -- interesting blog. I hope your stars align soon.

this buddy of mine said...

Thanks for stopping by. There is a lot of stupid sh@# out there, thanks for reading some of mine.