Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Overrated Originality

First the novels were cast aside by television taking over. Nobody would read anymore. Then it was the internet. There was alot of online reading. The books were e-booked and also audio booked. But somewhere down the line we wound up being satisfied reading articles.
The artists and painters got coreldraw, comic strip generators for cartoonists, PCDJ and other DJ softwares to match BPMS in a heartbeat, we got a Googles Sketchup software for you to become your own architect. Bloggers proliferated and suddenly everyone was a writer. The originality was not running out, it was getting overrated. Everyone can be replaced.


CrazyDiamond said...

Why does everyone think they're so important so as not to be replaced?

Why is history more important than the future? And it can't be both for they are mutually exclusive you know.


Asphodel said...

I dunno, I'm stuck in reverse I think... sigh!