Monday, May 11, 2009

Adobe Illustration: Some Effects on a Sketch

I know I've disappeared for a while, but it was because I had an MBA exam I needed to study. I didn't even finish that because I was researching alot of online games for a good blog post. Unfortunately, I got very addicted and very lost with those games. I might just be back, but I'm not sure yet.
By the way, would you believe there isn't a single freaking proper Yoga instructor here? Everyone who practices it here seems to have forgotten it isn't only about the body but also about the mind. Spastics! I wish I knew earlier to pursue a career in it!


Melanie D said...

glad your back :) Try a Wii fit, then you have your own personal yoga trainer at home!!

Asphodel said...

Ooooo I like! Gonna look it up!