Saturday, May 23, 2009

Glossary of Last Moment Gifts in Kuwait

Every year, just before my birthday I pretend to not care about who is going to get me what. I don't think my act is very convincing at all, because I try to subtly hurl little suggestions about how I need to be surprised with something I never knew I needed. Then, I'll leave them stupefied of course without the slightest clue of what could possibly make me happy, and my inner smirk will still expect a gift. It's not that I don't, I'm a mighty gift giver myself. I actually put aside money for gifts for each month, so that when I need to go get it, my jaw doesn't drop and anchor itself to the ground in protest. So, here are great bets that would work for not so great a sum of moolah.

I just received the most beautiful Swarovski pendant on a leather string from a dear friend yesterday. It's the most simple yet the most elegant gift, and I'm loving it. The first gift of the year, and the best. Cost: Around 17 KD. Location: Swarovski at Marina or Avenues

An IPOD shuffle was what my bro in law gave me two birthdays ago. It was a fantastic present to clip on my pocket when I want for a walk, and it was simple yet elegant, technology in moderation is what I've always wanted. And this little baby is perfect. 1 GB, which is honestly not bad and will give you at least 2 days battery depending on how much you use it. Cost: About 30 KD. Location: Alghanim X-cite in Marina or Salmiya.

If you happen to know whether the person has a Wii or a PS3, you can pick up a game or two. I recently picked up a Call of Duty game for the PS3 . Cost 25 KD

Another quick yet thoughtful gift is a photoframe with a thoughtful picture you can up. Slip it onto a USB and beg the guys at Boushairi, Salmiya to print it for you super fast. If you're lucky they'll do it in 10 minutes like they did for me, otherwise getting it in an hour isnt that bad either. Cost 1.100 KD

My brother in law is amazing with gifts. They are always carefully thought of, all about the utility and once you receive it you wonder how you lived without it. He gave me a 320 GB hard drive for last Christmas loaded with a couple of seasons of Lost, all of House, some of Chuck and a bunch load of movies! It's fantastic because it's one of those that you connect directly to the TV to play it. Cost: I'm not sure about this one but Alghanim does have some fab hard drive's that double up and do more than the usual, check 'em out yourself until I figure this out better and update this post heh!

Women aren't that difficult usually as there's always perfumes, chocolates or even flowers. But if you are in a relationship and want to be a step above your game, you'll get those on days that are no occasion at all. Also remember that quantity is everything. We have this random superficial need that makes us want to belt out the amount of gifts you have given us in more than one breath no matter how insignificant it is. Yea. Well, my birthday is in about 20 days. I'll update you with what I get. If you have any ideas, just share it already!

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"Women aren't that difficult..." Um, ok. I like the hard drive loaded with shows, that was great.