Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Smell heaploads of Procrastination

You know what the recession is actually doing? It's making you lazier. Okay, not you, per se, but all of my friends who don't really read my blog. It's that attitude that nobody else is working, why should we work?

I think working used to be inherent in our bones. Now, we won't directly associate starving with working like the cavemen did, so we don't feel that need innately anymore. I can't imagine an ancient caveman, lets call him Fred, who would sit around pretending to work while he got weaker and weaker. What would Fred do to pass his time instead of hunting? Would he observe ants? Sit at a mountain top and daydream? Imitate Tarzan and swing from Banyan trees? I don't knwo why I needed to give Fred a name, but I do often wonder how much procrastination has increased in the modern world. And what it could get too. Somethings been on my mind alot lately, and it's applying to every aspect of life- People only change in times of utter desperation, when they are on the brink of collapse..............

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katrocket said...

Hey Asphodel! I shall also apologize for not reading lately - because ...take a guess... yes, I've been busy working!

I hope everything is going well for you. It's true that change comes when it needs to come, not when you want it to come -- so hold onto your hat!