Saturday, February 7, 2009

Office Ringtones

Yesterday it was the sound of water trickling somewhere in the office. Loud enough to trigger my bladder to incite another bathroom run. The day before that, a pitiful mewing of what seemed like a dying cat from the pantry. Before that, it was an uncouth kid shouting out obscenities that echoed through our corridors.

Initially I noticed my boss's lips moved in a silent "what-the-f~ck", but lately it has evolved into more of a resigned sigh. It's not very motivating to know my boss is trying to claim the hopelessness card, mainly because I have called dibs on that dispositi0n. So I had our secretary draft a circular saying the next time we hear a ringtone that is inappropriate for the office the person would be fined half a KD. I guess she told the others I was behind it, because two got themselves a Viva La Vida ringtone as well, and I noticed smirks at my initial confusion. The only difference is that mine rings in a barely audible decibel. There's a seriously raunchy hip hop track from one of the guys who gets the most phone calls, alternated with a cheesy lady Ga-ga track which rings out on what I swear is full volume. The offices at the other end are bound to agree with me.
I see my boss mouthing those three words again. I think it's progress from the resigned nod, but I'm still hoping that these guys phones fall into mucky puddles from the recent rains.


Bella@That damn expat said...

Ugh I hate ringtones.

I have mine set on vibrate then melody. So it rings only if I'm not near to answer on the first three vibrations.

Cheryl said...

Ring tones should be turned off in the office. Some people are just so obnoxious.

blognut said...

How about telling them that if you hear their ringtones, you will confiscate the phone until the end of the business day? That'll make 'em love you!

kiki said...

that's nothing. someone at my work actually has the crazy frog ringtone...

personally, i just stick to Beastie Boys tracks

Missy said...

I just got a new Blackberry curve and I cannot even figure out where the ringtones are, etc. I am too busy to have to worry with this! LOl I like to idea to fine inappropriate tones!

Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

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I like your writing style...

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bout this post...I kinda like wierd ringtones...but in the office,I wud have my fone on silent mode...:D

Rayboy said...

ringtones are for teens, it annoys the hell out of people at work. Your boss must increase the fine.

Asphodel said...

Bella, I agree.. mine is within my own hearing decibel- and I dont think I judged that right coz i Keep missing calls once in a while!

Cher, or at a decent level :-P Oooooh I hate it when they just let it ring and don't pick it immediately even though its right in front of them!

Blognut, hahahaha the only problem there is my work won't be done. But I'm two steps away from taking their phones and bludgeoning their heads with it :-]

Hah kiki, I LIKE your choice! Intergalactic?

Missy, I know what you mean- thats why I never exchanged my 6300 for two years- until i recently traded it in for the N78. Just for the FM transmitter feature too. Which I don't use anymroe because I use my Ipod. Ironic eh? Welcome to Ze Clogspot btw :-)

Indi, Hahah I browsed through your posts before I commented, I do like too :-P We have 'em days, trust me! Thx, though writers block clogs me a little too often! :)

Rayboy, hahah I shoudl increase the fine, and take the money and buy our office a much needed dartboard with it! :-]

Anonymous said...

I refuse.