Saturday, February 21, 2009

Succumbed to Education

I seem to have swiped my way into an MBA course. Damn credit cards and impulsiveness. For a moment it seemed like it would redeem my choice to graduate in English. I had feigned aspirations of becoming a famous novelist then, and hid away my perpetual writers block under a pillow so no one would see. I loved the benefits; there was no need to study, and I could escape into all the books of fiction I wanted. So this MBA course felt like penance for not being able to use my degree to pursue a career.
Feels like a pain in the left butt cheek right now, I swear. I was sitting in a funny position while I was reading yesterday, it seemed to enhance my ability to concentrate. Also came with the price of a sore bottom apparently. Okay I'm kidding, I am excited at the prospect and I am looking forward to experimenting with the dormant company I work in.
I'm required to spend 1 hour every day to each of the 3 units I enrolled in. I've managed t stretch myself to 2 already, but I can't help wondering if they're just imposing that rule for a giggle. "Hah look, we have made these dorks spend 3 hours of their time everyday on these summaries we have slapped together from famous books availableall over the internet. If they only knew that they could just read these books and implement the philosophy into their work, they would learn through trial and error anyway!"

Instead, what would employers deduce if they just saw this in a CV:
" Perused all the text, material, and reference books suggested in top MBA courses and implemented such strategies in previous jobs successfully attaining calculated results."
Would showing that ability to utter sneakiness work better than having an MBA certificate, I wonder?


Rayboy said...

See look at it from this point of view.

1. Your MBA can be considered an investment in Time and Knowledge.

2. you Being in a project management industry, i would be surprised that every para you read will be giving you an insight on how to improvise your working conditions or atleast know what your business could be lacking

3. Secondly once you successfully finish your MBA, the opportunities are endless specially since you would merge your experience with your MBA.

4. MBA in anyform, is a recognised degree. Its thorough and extensive research into the business world, will help in providing an insight in your future careers.

So i feel its a great thing you are doing. Just manage to balance it well, or you would get tired out.

Asphodel said...

Ah is my sarcasm so fine tuned in its subtlety that it goes unnoticed? I am excited about being on the MBA wagon but my point is- if you read all these texts, and recommended books out of your own accord and applied them to your business- would that not show more managerial qualities, independence and self motivation than would a certificate?

blognut said...

I have to agree with you a little bit. Getting the certificate shows discipline and all that. However, I work with a couple of MBA's who don't seem to have learned a thing by obtaining the certificate. I guess you'll get whatever you put into it. Good luck!

Asphodel said...

Blognut, Like my boss, hahaha!

The Man at the Pub said...

So three hours a day hey? I find it easier to wait until they last week of semester, then cram everything into a 72 hour binge of coffee and stress. It's a great way to lose weight too.

Asphodel said...

Hahahaha now knowing you did that is not a good thing coz I'm gonna automatically grant me some leeway in my schedule! I'll make sure I keep lots of coffee in stock towards the deadline heh.

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