Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogging during the Economic Crisis.

I really wasn't due for another post today.... I have so much to catch up on - blogs to read that is, and blogs to comment on. I wake up with only three teaspoons of creativity everyday and it gets very hard to distribute. Besides, the faster I spew out posts, the lesser sense each one makes.

No, seriously, I haven't a clue how you all do it. If you have more than 20 blogs even to follow, and each one of 'em disgorges a post every other hour; there's still alot of content even if I wouldn't be exaggerating there. Then blogging a post that is good enough to make you believe you successfully vented, it rapes your schedule, if you have one. If you don't have a schedule, you don't even realize that you should not be on BBC's news in pictures, the most recent in daily comics or Science's most recent discoveries. There just ends up being no darn time for work!

Update: Not working right now is seriously not a very good idea. The ripple effect in Kuwait of the crisis has about 150 workers laid off in a steel factory, 300 in an electronics company, 10% of a banks managerial staff, and 50 Kuwaiti employees between 6 brokerage companies, etc I'm going to try to do some work now. Even though, this wasn't the inspiration I was talking about at the end of my last post.


That damn expat said...

I follow a million blogs. They are a great distraction during class.

Captain Dumbass said...

It gets even harder when you throw young, attention demanding children into the mix.

Wayne John said...

"it rapes your schedule", I like the way you put that.

I have no children to bother me, yes bother me so I get a little relief from time to time. But your right, there is a lot, and many things I find I do is schedule. I have to, if I want to keep my job....

For instance, I twitter. I also signed up with and then wired everything together so that the music I play on my desktop entertains(?) the people following me. I'm doing my own routine, but a big part of myself (music) is being shared still. That connection helps, and where you can automate only makes it easier.

I spend way too much time on the computer than can be healthy though...but it's my job.

I try to vary things too, hop around here and there and try to get to all the blogs I follow about once a month. Those moments though, where I can simply float around the net are probably gone. There is just too much to do to keep up with it all.

Asphodel said...

Heh, expat; yea they work as a distraction during work as well!

Capt, I can't begin to imagine, yet you have such witty posts.

Wayne, thanks.And wow thats really interesting, your blog does have so many features on it I can't begin to comprehend heh! I'm gonna try twitter some time soon :-)

Errant Gosling said...

I've always found it easy to comment and follow. It's writing from scratch that is for me hard. The prompts jump start the imagination, so the more, the merrier.

Blue Castle said...

Just found your blog (thanks for stopping by mine!) and am enjoying browsing around.

Blogging and reading blogs can be such a distraction. I seriously don't know what I did with my time before...probably my house was cleaner. :)