Saturday, January 17, 2009

Office Buzz: Discipline at Work

There's a buzz at work today. It's been there for the last 4 days which is why I havent been here.. I think there the silence was loud enough last year that the dissent and demotivation was heard clear. At the beginning of this year, the boss imposed a few changes. Get here at half past 8. We used to stroll in around 10 the whole of last year, enough time to work up an appetite for lunch. Lunch Break is now strictly 1-2 if we plan on heading out for lunch. New PCS, with decent sized monitors. I couldn't stand the neglected desktops with curbed access, so I'd cart my laptop too and fro and enjoy limewire, power DVD, Skype, photo story and word biz. These new pcs doesn't give us admin access. He alloted a budget for some renovation and told us to throw in options for consideration.
I'm not fazed. In fact, I don't really mind. We can still leave early. The pretexts of client meetings reigns strong. I've got vasta (Kuwaiti term for influence) with the IT department. I hope the buzz lasts, it's gotten everyone inspired and on their toes after a very long time. This means I don't have to put the audio recording of his afternoon snore. Instead, I'm going to google what painting I wanna put in my space.... Tallyho!


Bella@That damn expat said...

It sounds like he is doing a good job.
Still, I hope you get to slack off at work anyway;)

Asphodel said...

heh I second that. See, my blog page is still open muahahaha

Cheryl said...

Slacking off at work is awesome. I am all for it. ;)

Errant Gosling said...

Well done. Enjoy the relaxation time.

Rayboy said...

hmmmm....IT guys can see you!

Asphodel said...

Temme about it Cheryl, lol

Thanks, Gosling.

Rayboy, hush now :-]