Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dispassion in this Recession.

I can't get myself to work. There are some valid reasons and then there are some not so valid reasons. The former overpower the latter. I may be biased about that, but I obviously don't think I am.
I feel like I'm doing cart wheels on the edge of a cliff. A tarnished reputation is just a weaker armor. I'm rebelling really, after a bitter sweet clash between my employers and me 6 months ago,when they refused to accept my resignation and bribed me with a pay raise. I buckled and quit my fight, sold my soul, and thus, Clogspot became my rebellion; and faithful time consumer. It's been 6 months, and I'm in a whirlwind of slack. The 6th month of slacking isn't even a phrase you are allowed to say. Slacking is allowed in days, if not hours; but never months. It would take me one dedicated day to pick up and rock again, but I just can't seem to right now. I can't seem to slap some motivation across my seemingly ADD plastered face
A memory slithers into my mind. ..... Could I have stumbled across a solution?

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