Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Market Souq

Yesterday being my one day off for the week, I wound up too lazy to follow my plan to check out the Wespa folks getting their game on out at Mughal Dine. The couch had an Asphodel shaped groove, and refused to let me off it. Not until I was really hungry, and discovered my fridge was empty. No, actually it wasn't. But what was in there wasn't supposed to have something green on it.

So I drove around in the sunshine searching Shawermas and reached Shuwaikh. The light was beautiful. There were no Shawerma shops in sight. And my pangs of hunger were getting louder and sounding suicidal. Then it dawned on me, The Friday Souq. Kuwaits version of a Flea Market between the notorious public pet clinics and the animal market. They have lots of little food stalls and the light was perfect to catch some colors.


Friday Flea Market Fashion. I thought some of them would make great costumes for theme parties, they could look regal combined with the right accesories.

Leather jackets. These are second hand.

Art and Decor

Toy colors

Fake Plants. As green as they come.

Okay, I oughtta put this blog away and give the hallucinogen influenced anime I'm watching my undivided attention. I'll blog about it later though, I'm sure heh.


Rayboy said...

you missed out the actual market, where we can buy junk. broken toys and materials...

Errant Gosling said...

"But what was in there wasn't supposed to have something green on it."

If I had a dime for time I've had this realization. :)

kiki said...

please tell me you bought the leather jacket

Cheryl said...

"But what was in there wasn't supposed to have something green on it".

Hilarious. I need to clear my fridge of expired foods. Yesterday, we found moldy peanut butter. I don't even want to know how long it has been in there.

Asphodel said...

Ray, yea these just made better pictures :-D

Heh, @ Gosling and Cheryl. The cycle has resumed, ice cream in the green machine... oh wait, it should survive heh.

Kiki, no I didn't but I'm quite curious about when you'll accidentally change your facebook profile picture. Is that you on? :-)