Monday, January 26, 2009

Lexulous: The Not-So-New Scrabulous.

Yes, I know I'm the last person to have figured that out. Unless you found it after the 20th of this month :-P
I think most of us in the blogosphere are Scrabbly people and facebook friendly, probably know about the Mattel Hasbro /Scrabulous lawsuit that started about a year ago. As you can see, BBC and alot of other newspapers gave alot of attention to the application being taken down by Facebook; but just NPR.COM seems to have acknowledged the progress of the story! I just hate it when there isn't a follow up. Because something else came along. Red hot. And left like that, never quelled in the recesses of our minds. We never have closure. I just think news sites should allow personalized accounts which could email you follow-ups of stories you choose to select for updates.
Apparently I've been missing Lexulous since the 1st of January. It's renamed and it has now has 8 letters instead of 7, different points for tiles and some other tiny tiny tweaks. It's made up with a progress graph and a private notes feature. All your bingos, wins, other esteem boosters,etc are still viewable. Scrabble has put out its own application which is unfortunately only available to U.S and Canadian users so I can't even find something about it to criticize. Scrabble application developers claim Scrabble would still be preferred as the creator Alfred Butts spent ages during the Depression to tweak it to perfection. But Butts probably had the time to while away on it then. Either way, one mans meat is another mans poison, and I'm all for Lexulous. Mostly because thats our only choice.


Bella@That damn expat said...

I've given up on facebook applications and games about a year ago.

Asphodel said...

Wow! Would you believe I resisted Facebook until I found out there was a Scrabulous application?

Though good for ya gal! :-)