Saturday, January 10, 2009

Of Cats and Men.

I live with a friend who is a freak about fur :- not fur as in a fur shawl but fur as in animal sheddings. She hates it. This had prompted me to try to both subliminally and directly convince my friends since the last 6 months, to adopt a pet on my behalf. No matter how great my hypnotic tactics were, my evil scheme was unfortunately not genious enough. After all, I was trying to convince them to keep the animal at their place while I promised to clean, groom, walk, feed and most importantly love the pet. They claimed to know how reliable my commitment gets when something shiny is waved even in my peripheral vision.

Somewhere down the line, someone did "get" me a cat that was to reside with him. It was coincidentally already several months old and it's kitty cuteness had been replaced with a potty trained bum . Since grooming and walking were mostly subtracted from the deal, I got the feeding,cleaning the litter, and loving it part.

I know I oughtta be obliged, but I can't help feeling that I got the funny (not worse) end of the deal. He is a cat person, and wanted one all along minus its crazy kitty heydays. I adore the cat, and can't imagine abandoning it. But I wish he hadn't.... Now I need to make new friends yonder the current bunch; 'coz these have deemed me a partial pet owner already.My hope lies in getting some strangers love me enough to get me my own puppy which they would keep for me. Life is tough.
This was the adorable munchiken who won me over.
This could've been the adorable munches I've wanted all my life.
a mutual symbiosis evolves over time, turning into a black hole of convenience and a tangled spider web of utter rationality.


Captain Dumbass said...

I'm not a cat person because of allergies, but I like his split face. He could be a villian of the cat world.

Asphodel said...

I think she could be a gemini cat! Yea.... ooooh amateur cat movie ideas spawning in my head now :-]

That damn expat said...

Awww give me a kitty picture and I melt.

Rayboy said...

hmmmm..... with your crazy schedule. do you think you could 'pet' yourself? :-)

Asphodel said...

Aw I know huh? Expat, honestly though any lil creature would have to be ridiculously ugly for me not to go awww.

Rayboy, like the taming of the shrew? there aint no hope for me!