Wednesday, January 7, 2009

God on Facebook

Yesterday a friend started a group on facebook about God and his existence. It was a long time coming as views are always imposed upon each other by a few people we know. Few days ago a pastor had commented on my horoscope related status message saying I should read Jeremiah something:something. My friend responded with a " hayle yeah, can aaah heeir an ammmen??" He is an utter atheist, and I as a rather diplomatic agnostic didn't quite deign to comment despite being rather amused.

His little facebook group has caused quite alot of uproar though, enough even that three of us common friends who had met up yesterday to catch up, ended up facebooking each other aross the table between sips of whisky and deep pensive drags of nicotine. Yea, it would be obvious which side we'd be on, huh?

Either way, it is working out as more of a revelation than it intended to be. Almost everyone on the group is at work today, and it hasn't slowed the pace of the argument at all! Profound questions carefully worded and trivial ones slapped on the group wall, and someone seems to think that Moses is Noah, heh. Either way, it's only pastor guy on the defence right now and I hope some mroe people join him because the profound and trivial questions alike are increasing tenfold with each person being added.

I haven't added too much as alot of the basic questions are covered and yet unanswered due to Pastor guys busy schedule, but I did try to update myself on whats the latest from the Science teams argument. This debate between Dawkin vs some Collins was pretty interesting. I know it's from ancient 2006 , but it seriously doesnt make it less interesting to read, really, no. Gonna see how either side has evolved their arguments from there.


The Panic Room said...

thanks for posting that link... even though it was SO 06.

kiki said...

i don't want this '06 shit. i'm genY man. i can't wait for shit. i need the link to the current debate on facebook now! (please)

kiki said...
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kiki said...

where's my link???

Asphodel said...

Lol! yeah yeah, make me do my research, won't y'all? =]

Kiki, you got the link and I'm looking forward to your opinions on there, lol.