Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can you Name the Rock Bands in this Picture?

Apparently there's more than 50 bands in this picture. A friend of mine got 22 already, I can spot some of 'em but won't pen 'em down until later. I'm actually working today!


Bella@That damn expat said...

I've seen this somewhere.
I'm too tired to concentrate on it but you have fun.

Errant Gosling said...

That is awesome. I can count at least a dozen...probably more if I stare longer. I love the concept though.

Cheryl said...

My head is starting to hurt.

Asphodel said...

Lol @ Bella and Cheryl.

Gosling I'll put up the answers a little later.... :) yep, love the concept too!

Asphodel said...

1. 50 Cent (big half-dollar on curb)
2. Alice In Chains (on right)
3. Bee Gees (under U2)
4. Black Flag (hanging on building)
5. Blind Melon (on vegetable cart)
6. Bloc Party (people in window Crowded House)
7. Blondie (blowing bubblegum on fire escape)
8. Blur (blurry guy on right side)
9. Bush (behind the pole)
10. Cornershop (corner sign)
11. Cowboy Junkies (in street)
12. Cranberries (in box below cart)
13. Crowded House (building in background)
14. Cypress Hill
15. Dead Kennedys (posters on wall)
16. Deep Purple (purple building in background)
17. Eminem (spilled candy on the ground)
18. Flipside (half dollar flipped over)
19. Garbage (dumped over can in street)
20. Gorillaz
21. Great White (shark poster on bus stop)
22. Green Day (on calender on vegetable cart)
23. Guns n Roses (on green cart)
24. Hole (hole in the street)
25. Iron Maiden (stone thing in crosswalk)
26. JaneÂ’s Addiction
27. Jet (flyers in the sky)
28. Jewel (black box with a necklace on the ground)
29. KISS (kissing girls on the corner)
30. Korn
31. Led Zeppelin (flying)
32. Lemonheads (on vegetable cart)
33. Madonna (mother/baby poster)
34. Matchbox 20 (spelled out on ground)
35. Nine Inch Nails (on the ground next to Prince)
36. Pavement
37. Phish (in tank on ground)
38. Pink (the sky)
39. Prince (being held up by Queen)
40. Queen
41. Radiohead (in crosswalk)
42. RATT (rat walking in street)
43. Scissor Sisters
44. Seal (poster on wall)
45. Skinny Puppy (little dog on the sidewalk)
46. Smashing Pumpkins (guy with sledgehammer)
47. Spoon (big spoon on wall)
48. Styx (on the street)
49. Television (sure enough )
50. The B-52Â’s (flying)
51. The Beach Boys (with surfboards)
52. The Black Crows (on streetsign)
53. The Carpenters
54. The Cars (in street, background)
55. The Cult (the white-suited people)
56. The Doors (leaning against wall)
57. The Eagles (flying)
58. The Eels (in the street)
59. The Killers (two guys near crossing)
60. the Monkees (obviously big apes)
61. The Pixies (flying around)
62. The Police (in street, background)
63. The Postal Service
64. The Red Hot Chili Peppers (on vegetable cart)
65. The Rolling Stones (rolling boulders, really)
66. The Sex Pistols (being held by Queen)
67. The Talking Heads (faces in the televisions)
68. The Vines (behind queen)
69. The White Stripes (crosswalk lines)
70. Twisted Sister (2 acrobats)
71. U2 (two uÂ’s on wall)
72. White Zombie (in white suit)
73. Whitesnake (curled around lamppost)
74. Yelloman (leaning on the wall)
75. 311 (Of all things in the picture which are in triples, there are 11 of them: 3 bushels of roses, 3 pumpkins, 3 pineapples, 3 watermelons, 3 junkies, 3 gogo girls, 3 eagles, 3 gorillaz, 3 carpenters on the roof,

Justin said...

Ahaha~we have this poster hanging up at my work!