Sunday, March 1, 2009

99 Village Theme Park: Comical Indeed.

The 99 Village theme park at the end of 6th ring road has a very comical theme. Thats the fact that its not a park but one big not-so-gigantic safety hazard with superheroes that won't jump off the walls to save the day. The giant super heroes of the comic book 99 don the walls and makes for some fun photo ops, but it's meant to lure you to the boredom within.
We went for the opening on the 25th. The crowd had some 98% kids and fully covered women, and the sight of super hero walls surrounding this audience was amusing. We sat on two things of which the names I obviously don't remember, but one looked like this:
Which we went on despite seeing this:-
It tumbled upside down and was pretty cool, save for a big groan when we were suspended at the top. I'll pretend that was intentional on their part, and it was meant to aid us with the adrenaline rush they assumed we craved since we lived in Kuwait. (Not my opinion there, but just my assumption of theirs).
We also sat on the Viking, which was an oscillating boat where some other kids decided to stand on instead of sit on while it swung. I couldnt help imagine what made the local kids immune to fright, because when I sat on that ride I had to hold on tight to convince myself I wasn't going to fall off. And I'm not that bad at doing these rides, I swear.
Other than that, the bumper carts were fun though some poor kid had her hand dangling out of her car and hurt it while she drove it into another car, there were some plastic balls they'd fill with air, tuck you in and throw it into a small pond, some trampolines with women fastening the kids up which means none of my guy friends could go on it. Good thing too as they wanted to go propel the kids who were there with their hearty jumps.
The pond of water in front of the very abused stage was a gross concoction of foam, cans and other unidentified objects. I won't mention anything about the horse drawn carriages that the kids tried to clamber on from the back instead of sitting up front, and thankfully no limbs were off while I watched in horror.

I also wont mentioned malnourished looking horses that seemed unhappy and overworked. Though I can't say the mascots were having a better time, with an army of deprived kids tugging at his hand, and the taller ones pulling his nose and taking off his little unblinking mascot head. I wish I could say they at least didnt pinch his butt. No actually I wish I could say I had a picture of that happening.
P.S: BBC Radio witnessed it too. In other news, here is another account of the theme park inaugration.


♥ Braja said...

Now I'm dizzy. Would this be a good time to take up drinking again? Where's Vodka Mom when you need her...

Rayboy said...

In Kuwait, any entertainment involving animals is pathetic and a sickening to watch

Asphodel said...

Hahahaha I would join you in a heart beat, Braja!

Rayboy, I can't believe I'm going to the circus one of these days.... I hope they take care of 'em, they're supposed to be an italian circus I think.