Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lexulous Blitz

I actually found a youtube video online for you all. For those of you who like lexulous, you will love the Blitzy version of it.

Here's the lowdown on it .
The Blitz version takes Lexulous to an all new level! Blitz is exactly the same as regular Lexulous, except that you have the entire board to yourself. You compete with up to 150 people in rounds lasting 4 minutes each.
All players start the round with the same 7 tiles, and then it is up to them to make full use of the 4 minutes to get the maximum number of points. Whoever scores most before the time / tiles run out, wins the round. Results for all the players in the round are shown instantly and the next round begins after a 1 minute break.
If you play Blitz it is highly recommended that you use the keyboard to place the tiles rather than drag them one by one using the mouse. Simple (sic) click on the board and a black arrow will appear. Then type the tiles you have in your rack to place them on the board. Clicking twice will make the arrow point vertically.

I know people been using it since late last year, but I just discovered it. This is meant for any of you, who are the last to find out about everything just like me. Let's see if you can finish all your tiles in 4 minutes!


mo.stoneskin said...

Haha well if I truly was the first to read and comment then I won't truly be the last to find out!


blognut said...

I can't handle that game! I can't! The pressure is far too great!

Cheryl said...

Wait. Is this the scrabble game on Facebook?

Captain Dumbass said...

I'll need some more coffee before I understand this. And what the hell does "LI" and "FA" mean?

Asphodel said...

haha Mo,wow that must have been a great relief, the kind I'll someday know!

Aw blognut, I felt the same way but you get better, I promise!

Cherie!!! Guilty! Don't disown me! Rack attack with me!!!!

Cap'n, glad you asked!
Li means A traditional Chinese measure of distance, today standardized at 500 meters (547 yards).
and Fa is the fourth tone of the diatonic scale in solfeggio
Now you gotta use your new found words in sentences!!!! :-)

Dr Zibbs said...