Saturday, March 14, 2009

Break from Reality

You know that feeling when you partied too hard after too long, and your body aches as if you had tried climbing up Mount K2 the day before?

It's a little worse than that for me this morning, because the dust storm (see previous post) left me with a loud sniffling cold. Kuwait is like that, everyone's allergies and sinuses act up after a dust storm and the change of seasons has everyone sneezing at each other or each others keyboards as means of communication. I was convinced I would stumble upon the cure for cold while I experimented with various spirits, but mixing 'em all up was not the best idea. (In retrospect I think it's brandy, which I had none of at all). I'm also sure I had one red bull too many because I seem to have used up a whole weeks ration of energy and my bones have now decided they feel senile.

Then there's that feeling like I did something wrong, like I made out with someone or I lost something expensive or I told someone how I really feel about them. I know I did something, but I seem to have blurred that out for the moment. All I remember is the dancing. The bass resonating between the LED curtains. The glow sticks flying through the air. Come to think of it, parties are always worth the aftermaths even if you don't remember half the night. Cheers peeplez.


mo.stoneskin said...

"yesterday was the only day I had beer legally available"?

I don't understand. Would beer not be legal?

And more importantly, how on earthy did you manage to miss your only pint of the year?!

Cheryl said...

Not knowing what you did the night before is the best part about getting drunk. ;)

Asphodel said...

mo. stoneskin, Kuwait needs to change its rules, yep.

Cheryl, hah... I still haven't found out but it's going to be a skeleton in my closet that I don't know about//.......