Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another way to learn German.

I did a post some time ago about a site called It's a great way to learn languages with an interactive format and little newsletters that pop into your inbox and guilt you into learning. But honestly all things loose their novelty, as did this site. My other options were learning it by listening to alot of German music, but with my inconsiderate sources, all I managed to get was a handful of Rammstein. Which is great music, but there's only so much of it you can listen to without hitting somebody. So scratch that. At least until I stop pms-ing.
So yesterday I came across this other site It's pretty simple, a lot more simpler than Busuu, unfortunately it's only German, yep, like the domain name suggests. I'm not sure how long it's going to keep my attention, but as long as that window is kept open on my pc I know I won't forget it.
If nothign else works, I'm gonna have to date a professor who teaches German. Until I decide I don't need to know German, but its Arabic I need to invest my time in. Until then, auf wiedersehn.


Rayboy said...

so how many languages do you know now?

Asphodel said...

Hah, knowing 20% of any language is not knowing at all. So, I'll say 1 ;-)

Ribbon said...

Hi thanks for dropping by.
What's with learning German? Sorry I've just arrived and don't know your history.

Best wishes & I'll call again.


Asphodel said...

Heh ribbon, my random love for languages, yet lack of discipline I used to have to elarn 'em.....