Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things to do in Kuwait

Volunteer every Friday at AFL and give those homeless puppies and kitties some love and money.

Pursue your hobbies since there aint too many distractions here.

Try out new cuisines- Japanese, SriLankan, Moroccan and Korean are interesting and not too common.

Learn Arabic from your Arab neighbour. Teach his kids english or math or art.


Have a Barbeque at Matla Ridge.

Hatha Yoga

Swim out in the sea on a weekday after work.

Scout the Friday flea market for hidden treasures. If you have no use for them, sell them on Amazon.

Write a blog. Don't write about Kuwait, there's too many of those! Write about family gossip anonymously!

Studio C's Friday painting class for adults.


Watch a foreign film on the weekly rooftop screening by Cinemagic.

Make paper planes and throw 'em out your window.

Sewing Classes.

Artistic Yoga.

Go to the Mirror House

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