Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My office is on the top most floor of a one storey building. Yes, it's not that high up. Yet, the elevator; which is slower than rigor mortis; is surprisingly used more frequently than a hot yet cheap hooker. The car park and bathrooms are in the basement, though people use it to go one storey lower as well. I have, for the fun of it, raced it to find that I am thrice as fast in my sneakers and one and a half times as fast in my heels.

So today as I get out of my office to go to the bathroom, after prolonging the need to for very long on account of reading all of your blogs, I curse my luck to see that the chick from the neighbouring office is also heading towards the elevator. Shit, I think, no chicken dance in the elevator to control my bladder. The chicken dance is an intricately concocted dance of marching within the elevator in a circle while lifting my feet high with each step. I hope to God there isnt a camera in the elevator. No there isn't. I looked carefully when I was striking poses in the giant mirror they have in it. Yellow elevator light and Giant mirrors just make you look amazing.

I survive, despite the fact that she stands right in front of the button thinking she's pressed it, but hadn't. I resist socking her face while reaching for it but politely gesture. It was funny though, as we hit the bottom floor, she tried to hop off to the bathroom as gracefully as one can muster a hop! I burst out laughing much to the poor chics discomfort, and she refused to look me in the eye for a whole week. Funny shit, you know?

P.S I iz off to the neighbouring city of Amman tomorrow for a weekend of bliss! I will see you bloggers and bloggerettes Saturday! :-)


Captain Dumbass said...

Have fun.

REread said...

that was funny .. usually i just glance, graze or skim blogs ... i had a mental image of some chick busting and chicken dancing in the lift ... was quite good

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

It's kinda hard to read the font on your blog :(

But, I love elevators I'm horribly impatient so I always have a battle of whether I'm more lazy or more impatient.Usually if it's downstairs I'll just walk.

kiki said...

ah, the old funky chicken!

Asphodel said...

Firstly, I need to tell you all you made me go awwww. Would you believe I actually checked my blog to see who said what... and didnt see any comments coz i have comment moderation enabled, I just signed in to find you all :-) :-) :-)

Cap'n, Thanks, and hell yea I did!

REread, hahaha why thank you, I'm glad my elevator antics humored you.

Texan, I shall change it to something legible. I liked making y'all put the effort so I really knew you all loved me enough to brave the tiny font! Haha kidding,I'll change it.

Kiki, yep I see you do it too. Would be alright if we were both in an elevator, no qualms about doing it simultaneously ha!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

LOLS! funny...I have done the same dance too. Hope you had a great weekend.