Monday, March 2, 2009

GPS Maps in Kuwait: Directions to a Headache.

Since I started driving some raw 3 and a half months ago, I have perfected my route to exactly 5 destinations. Everything else I need is either on the way to these places or conveniently just around it. If I need to drive anywhere else, radars go on red alert between my friends. I'm sure they twitter it, and change their facebook status to warn each other that its time to switch off their phones.

So today, in my quest to find the Jordanian embassy,I decided I wouldn't use anything from a cell phone to a ouija board for directions. I wasn't going to disturb a soul, and try and revert the damage I caused to the collective womens reputations as bad navigators. I had to resort to something, and technology decided to amuse itself at my expense for the day.

When your GPS Nokia Maps dont have voice commands, they are nothing but a pretty distraction! Or a good way to have fun if someone is sitting beside you and screaming "5 mtrs, 4 mtrs, 3 mtrs, 2 mtrs, 1 mtr, turn! Turn! TURN!!!!!" But holding it in your hand while driving alone is no fun. What sounds like fun right now is plopping my phone into this here glass of water - GPS and all. Though we all know I wont do it. Either way, even if its my fault for not embarking on the arduous process of installing voice commands, these things have an outdated mind of their own- telling me to take a left smack in the middle of a divider and take a U-turn into oncoming traffic. So in the end, I decided I was better than technology and decided to follow my intuition. I grinned a cheshire smile when I found the right road, only to have that grin completely upturned to realize I had gone in the utterly wrong direction. It sucked at highways, and it sucked at showing exits but it found the block 5 in Jabriya I'm sure I would've spent an hour looking for. Maybe if I had a bigger screen, or if technology found its way to displaying navigation on my windshield I might give it a chance again.
I didn't say it wouldnt give you directions, I just said it would give you a headache along with the service.


blognut said...

Sorry - I would've left my phone on for you, but I would've proven quite useless at helping you!

Asphodel said...

:-D Its the thought that counts, blognut :-)

Rayboy said...

hmm... a static road map helps me memorise the whole thing, before i start

Asphodel said...

Ah I have randomly been wandering around and deliberately getting lost recently... its making everything a wee bit more familiar