Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Virtual Doppelganger

Curious people that we are, we have all googled our names once in a while. two years ago or so, I was looking for something, some ember of the shadow of my past even. Something to savour and a memory to snuggle into. The webs ability to transport me into the warmth of yesteryear was comforting at that point.

I put my name on and saw a few links that were relevant. Not enough. Not enough by six and a half dozen yards. I investigated all the links, every hyperlink and every picture, relishing every flashback. At the bottom of the page, I saw a link with my name, and a blog domain. What? The summary sounded like me, though I had no memory of writing it at all!

I clicked onto it, and saw the picture, it wasn't me but a young woman of about my age. I read her description and the rage surged volcanically through my bloodstream as I found that everything that was put in there, were excerpts from my resume. Word for word, from the about me to education, languages known, interests, where I lived, the other certificates I had. I was stumped and wanted to wrong off someone's head. I didn't care who. I proceeded to read the blog which had half a dozen posts which seemed to have abruptly stopped a year ago. The stories were not mine, neither did the impersonator mimick my style well. But they didn't have to, they had a flair for capturing what could have been my life very easily. The stories sounded like they would've fit my personality, except for the taste in some songs and phrases. Those were just plain blech. I can't remember how I forgot about it that day. I was paranoid enough at a point to wonder if the gemini in me evolved a split personality to live another life. But that was not true. I had no idea who it was and don't think I'll ever know.

I left some nasty comments cussing the bitch/ asshole and eventually forgot about it as it was abandoned long before I discovered it, and I doubted I'd get a response. A few months later when someone admitted they'd found it when they searched my name some time ago, I went back to the site. There was just the profile, bu the blog was gone. The reason I'm bringing it up today, was because I was over at my sisters. I used to have an Orkut account and forgot the email address I signed up with and wanted to check if I had any new scraps since the last century. I hadn't added her as a friend, so I had to search me. Wanna guess who I find? Now once again, I'm livid and curious about who had the audacity and what were their reasons. My sister marvelled at the profile, some of which had the same details on that website and some which they had casually filled up on their own with general answers. The profile is still there on the blog domain. The wannabe me I'll never know.

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